Thought 0.31

When you get that horrid gut feeling about something? Anxiety? Fear? Worry? Can’t explain it, and you just want it to go away but it just won’t, over the years I’ve managed to use this as a tool to my benefit, it’s ok about recognising a problem accepting it and dealing with it head on, because being in denial can make you worse! Whenever I get that dreaded gut sense feeling I go through many scenarios over think and over think till it makes sense in my head, sometimes with many different outcomes, but I’ve learnt to use it too my advantage, so too me I now take it as a skill and start listening to this gut feeling, it’s about taking yourself out of the problem you normally quickly find the solution.

Author: Jaime W Martin®

Jaime W Martin® is an Author & Creator of the For Numpties Series, Author & Creator of the Makklin Collection and the Author of Broken Cradle & upcoming book 100 Thoughts of Life

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